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ATTRIBUTE GAUGING:  Another area in which we have a great understanding  is that of Thread Gauging. Dixie keeps a large stock of standard and special Thread Plug and Ring Gauges. Any special orders can usually be manufactured and shipped in a matter of days. Plain Plug and Ring Gauges can be supplied to compliment our Thread Gauges.

Additionally, we carry an extensive line of  VARIABLE THREAD GAUGING products used for statistical process control of your threaded parts.



Dixie Thread Grinding Limited specializes in the sub-contract thread grinding of molds for the cap, closure and P.E.T. preform plastic bottle industry.

We have been in this industry since its early stages, and have served some of our customers to help them grow from small specialty mold shops into large multi-national organizations concentrating in plastic closure and P.E.T. molds.

We are a highly skilled TEAM of specialists, and we know mold threads. This has been our area of expertise since our inception in 1974.

Some of the common molds that we work on a daily basis on are as follows:

MOLD CORES:  Rotating cores, Bump-off [stripping] cores, and Collapsing cores used to mold plastic caps and closures.

NECK RINGS: Split cavities to mold P.E.T. preform bottles.

E.D.M. ELECTRODES: Used to EDM neck rings with carbonation tabs and extended thread run-outs.




Dixie also serves the medical, tapping, gear, thread rolling, and linial positioning industries with our thread grinding and cylindrical grinding capabilities.



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